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Ana Ramírez, graphic designer, musician and empiric photographer. She was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on March 5th 1993, presently living in Toronto, Canada studying Communication and Media Fundamentals at Centennial College. She studied in an Adventist school during her youth, getting the third place as best student of her class.


She disclosed her desire of being a visual artist to her psychology teacher but this one discouraged her by saying that she does not possess the necessary potential to be a visual artist. After finishing high school at the age of 17, she decided to challenge herself by applying the School of Visual Arts at the state’s university, where she was later accepted. On October 28th 2017, she graduates with a specialization in Advertising and Graphic Design, demonstrating to her teacher that she could achieved her goal of being a professional in the Visual Arts area.


Ana developed an interest about nature and its beauty during her childhood, desiring to be a great photographer of National Geographic for being able to share this beauty all over the world through photography. She encourages people to observe, enjoy and take care of the nature that surrounds them. This love for nature makes her volunteer in tree sowing activities in her country and participating in seminars to advice people not only to take care of nature, but also of themselves as part of the earth.


In 2018, Ana receives her first job offer in a small advertising agency where she had to work in various areas of advertising including Social Networking Management, Corporate Design, Logo Design and photography. In mid-2018, her interest in photography increased, which drives her to apply at Centennial College for the photography program. Trying to reach this new goal, she dedicates time to prepare for the English exam, for later applying to the photography program. However, she was not applicable to this program since the test score was not as expected. Because she didn’t want to give up, Ana decides to talk with the international advisor of Centennial College, the adviser encouraged her to try with Communication and Media Fundamentals, advice that she gladly accepted and now she is in the beginning of a challenging but great journey at Centennial College.


Becoming a recognize photographer and win a Pulitzer award is part of her dreams. She desires to be a great writer to write a bunch of books and become one of the most influences person in the photography area.

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