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Media platform ARMI OF ONE MEDIA has already made significant progress with its branding services within a short time of the company's existence. Now it is time to introduce the mastermind behind the whole idea of digitalized branding and more, Armi Jarvis, who is the owner and founder of the agency.

Born in the Philippines and a Naturalized Canadian, Armi Jarvis always outshone her contemporaries in terms of progressive outlook toward life from a tender age. Being an individualist and a curious and independent soul, she channelized her valuable perspective and completed her academic graduation with honors in 1998 from Centennial College. She never hindered opportunities that came her way, and she ended up learning and unlearning many virtues of life through her professional association with The Corrections Fieldwork.

She later switched to Operations Management after a handful of years going back and forth working at Psychiatric Facility and Adult Halfway House as a Counsellor. She rose to the ranks of Senior Level Management. She spent the next decade and a half developing her business portfolio in visual merchandising, inventory, and logistics and preparing for a happy life ahead of her.

Armi also went through her share of obstacles and struggled one of which was recovering from a Traumatic work-related  Brain injury, after which society rendered her as a disabled person back in 2015. She picked herself up, "tied her bootstraps" and she decided to invest all her might and conviction in turning her life around. She knew that the brimming and fleeting personality that she has mastered over the years would lead her to her goal. Society as a whole will always try to bring one down, but she made sure that her 'selective hearing' quality makes the most of this time and shuts out every possibility of negative afflictions.

She transitioned from a structured corporate environment to freelancing, because of her choice to be 100% present raising her daughter, Riley Ann. A divorced single mom with a new career choice is both a privilege and a struggle. She balanced everything single-handedly intending to make something for herself and her daughter.

She was motivated by her freedom of time in a work-from-home setup, her commitment to creating her legacy, and something exceptional that she had been waiting to do for long. Armi got readmitted to Centennial College Story Arts and there has been no looking back since. She found her trajectory towards her goals through her experience, entrepreneurship, and academic qualifications. She pursued an entirely new venture and realized her vision based on a belief in a unique business model, thus opening a new chapter in her life which she knows in her heart is the right path to contentment, happiness, and closure.

Her current roles in her media and communications company include in-charge of all Randy Vanadisson's intellectual properties, including White Choker Productions, the current band The Haunted North, and an Episodic Project based on a book, Coven of Celsus.

Armi partnered with Joey 'BANG' Restivo as BANGnARMI, The Artists At Play subsidiary specializing in Music TV and Film Productions.

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