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Today’s leaders must embrace social media for three reasons. First, they provide a low-cost platform on which to build your personal brand, communicating who you are both within and outside your company. Second, they allow you to engage rapidly and simultaneously with peers, employees, customers, and the broader public, especially younger generations, in the same transparent and direct way they expect from everyone in their lives. Third, they give you an opportunity to learn from instant information and unvarnished feedback.


Active participation in social media can be a powerful tool—the difference between leading effectively and ineffectively, and between advancing and faltering in the pursuit of your goals. You can use this tool proactively, as Dickson did, or reactively, as the technology CEO could have done. In addition to exploring the benefits of a personal social media strategy, I offer here a framework for developing one that fits your goals, desired audience, and resources, and I outline the challenges of wading into this developing territory.


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No doubt, your organization maintains an active site on the World Wide Web. You may not have much to do with it; indeed, you may not even know who manages it. But one thing you can be sure of is that the site is constantly undergoing revision. Features and links are being added or dropped all the time. What’s more, real estate on the Web is cheap. The people responsible for the site might well be glad to add a feature or two that would help you do your job better—if only they knew what that feature might be.

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