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Web Designer and Photographer

Meng Ke Hsieh (also known as “Sean”) is a full-time student who studies Communication and Media Fundamentals at Centennial College. He loves photography, videography and editing. He has traveled around many countries and created content on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Sean has participated as a photography model and a short film actor in several creative projects.

Sean was majored in Spanish Language and Culture at Fu Jen University in his home country Taiwan. He speaks four languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, English and Spanish. He was a Web Design/ Management Intern at a media company during his studies at the university, after graduated; he worked as an International Sales Representative in Taipei City.

From 2016 to 2017, Sean went to Mexico as an international exchange student. During this period, he joined some photography and filmmaking student projects, as an art lover, he enjoys the processes of making those creative projects, including acting, directing, filming, editing and modeling. In order to follow his passion, he decided to change his career into media industry, and to work on what he loves.

As a music enthusiast, Sean had been playing DJ for several years; he used to play music at university events, nightclubs, and house parties. The number of audience could be several hundred at a single event. Sean loves various types of music, such as electronic music, hip-hop music, jazz, etc. Besides music, he also loves basketball, Sean used to be a point-guard in a basketball team at the university, and the team had won three championships at school.

According to Hugh Lee, a famous Taiwanese actor and director, "If you can perfect just one thing in your lifetime, your life is considered complete." Sean still creates content on social media with photography and short videos, but he is now more focusing on becoming a filmmaker, telling stories through the lens, he wants to participate in some documentaries and live music events around the world, and especially contributes to Taiwan’s media industry.


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